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NJSEM Article in New Jersey Municipalities Magazine

New Jersey Municipalities Magazine released a great article about the New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting (“NJSEM”) in its May 2014 edition.


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NJSEM Can Help You With All Your Energy Projects

The New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting (“NJSEM”) can help you with all your conservation and cost-reducing initiatives, including demand reduction and energy efficiency upgrades. Guided by our energy partner we can evaluate your current status and propose ways you can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and increase efficiency. If you qualify you may be eligible to participate in the PJM Demand Response Program. Need ideas? Please contact us!

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NJSEM Believes In Green

The New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting (“NJSEM”) wants to help you green up a little. Our energy consultants, Gabel Associates, have managed hundreds of solar projects in New Jersey and can help you determine if solar can work for your municipality. Need to know more? Please contact us!

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NJSEM Announces New Bid for FP Account Classes


The New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting (“NJSEM”), a Joint Meeting that was established under the laws of New Jersey in 2009 by various municipalities, municipal authorities and other local government entities located in New Jersey for the purposes of pooling their energy loads into a single buying group, has released a Request for Bids (RFB) for Electric Generation Service for Approximately 90 Participating Members.   The RFB includes over 1,800 electric accounts in the service territories of Public Service Electric and Gas, Rockland Electric Company and Jersey Central Power and Light, aggregated into four (4) bid groups, and comprising over 58,000 megawatt-hours (“Mwh”) of annual electricity usage.

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NJSEM Selects New Consultant

After a thorough procurement process conducted by a NJSEM sub committee, The State wide Executive Committee of the NJSEM unanimously adopted a Resolution to appoint a new Energy Consultant for the NJSEM. We are pleased to announce the selection of Gabel Associates, Inc., as our new Energy Agent/Consultant. Gabel Associates, a New Jersey-based firm with principal offices in Highland Park, NJ, is the longest-tenured registered energy agent in New Jersey, and comes with an outstanding reputation.

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Who is NJSEM?

“The NJSEM” is a joint meeting of municipalities working with municipalities to aggregate their individual energy requirements together for improved purchasing power. The NJSEM was formed as a Joint Meeting which “means the joint operation of any public services, public improvements, works, facilities, or other undertaking by contracting local units pursuant to a joint contract under section 14 of P.L.2007, c.63 (C.40A:65-14). ”

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 NJSEM in New Jersey Municipalities Magazine, May 2014


NJSEM Launches New Website


NJSEM has rebuilt its website to provide members with more information in an easier format that we hope also looks great! Please take a moment to orient yourself to the new locations for some information.

The new site is organized into 4 sections as shown in the menu tabs at the top of this page:

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