Why Join the NJSEM

  • Run by active Municipal Business Administrators providing a shared service for other Municipalities

  • Legal, Administrative and Energy expertise on staff and intimately involved with all purchasing decisions

  • Full compliance with all Public Procurement Laws and approved by the NJ Department of Community Affairs

  • Economies of Scale – Suppliers deal with one party representing hundreds of customers and thousands of accounts

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Budgetary Certainty

  • Use various purchasing mechanisms including automated reverse auction platform

  • Low, one-time cost to join ($150) and immediate payback, annual savings have averaged in the tens of thousands of dollars

  • Resources always available to answer technical, regulatory or legal questions

  • Members get notified of the targeted buying price ahead of contracting with a supplier and have the opportunity to consider whether they want to participate or "opt-out" of the solicitation

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